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We pride ourselves on our commitment to our patients, hence our slogan "Vision for the rest of your life". If you have already enjoyed your visit to Sun City Vision Clinic, we hope that you give our staff feedback by clicking the link below. Each piece of feedback is reviewed and discussed by our staff as a group, and we pride ourselves on our positive testimonials and appreciate feedback of all types.

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If you have not yet visited us, you don't know what you are missing! Here is some examples of what our patients say of us:

"I really think that dr. K and all of your team are absolutely outstanding!! these two eye specialist are really happy there on the job in the eye clinic. They always greet me with a smile and are really concerned about keeping my eyes healthy. When making next appointments for me they really go out of their way to make them so I can do both eyes at the same appointment. (i don't have to come back and do only one eye at a time. I really do appreciate that). Haha. As great as he is, dr. K could not provide the really great eye care without these eye specialist. (by the way, where were linda and jessica? they must be enjoying christmas shopping. I will see them at my next appointment in february.) I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!! from your favorite and most handsome eye patient." - Bob Thomas (12/2016)

"Dear Everyone & Especially Dr. Lysle: I would really want to thank Dr. Lysle for the help & referral to a Rheumatologist. He saw a problem with my eyes that no other Dr. saw. Because of him I have great care for my eyes and the correct meds. Again, thank you everyone!" - Peggy Fluent (10/2016)

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care I have received in your office since I became your patient. Gratitude is very important to make you see what a difference you make in a persons life." - Fernando A Echeverria (07/2016)

"After visiting 5 other optometrists Dr. Lysle Shaw-Mcminn was the only doctor to correct my vision problems after only 2 sessions. He introduced me to a new dry eye treatment that corrected my non-stop dry eye and was so professional that I questionsed why did the other doctors not understand my problem. I would highly recommend Dr. Lysle Shaw-McMinn with out hesitation. I am greatly pleased with his professionalism and knowledge and caring behavior." - Carmelita Bradshaw (10/2015)

"I have been going [here] for the last 25+ years for all my vision care. Dr. Peter Shaw-McMinn, who started the practice, and now his daughter, Dr. Vanessa Shaw-McMinn, make the office visit for an eye exam a joy! They are both very personable, positive, happy people. They treat all their patients with love, with a great body of knowledge but also with kindness and a caring attitude that makes a person want to come back time and again. I've received great care for well over two decades through [the office] and have been prescribed glasses for distance, for computers, for reading, hard contact lenses, soft contact lenses and a referral for lasik surgery. Everything I've had done at [the office] has been with great satisfaction. I recommend everyone to come [here]. You'll be glad you did." - Julie Inouye Harrington (7/2010)

"The ... office was very professional. I am so happy with my new progressive non-glare glasses! Everything is so clear! I just ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses and I can't wait to get them!" - Donna Kirchoff (06/2011)

"Today was 4 year old Ruby's first visit to the Optometrist and she had a great time! The Doctor (Vanessa Shaw-McMinn, OD) was amazing with her. We will definetely bring her back and reccommend her for all children." - The Marin Family (9/2010)

"Recent visit to Dr. Vanessa Shaw-McMinn by my mother-in-law was a great success. She hadn't seen an eye doctor in many years and was extremely nervous. Dr. Vanessa put her at ease, performed a gentle eye exam, and prescribed glasses that have made a large difference. My mother-in-law is now much more active and engaged in reading and using the computer. Thank you Dr. Vanessa." - Neal Schiller (11/2010)

"I was actually a little nervous about getting a first real eye exam but by the time I left the exam room, I was aware of all my options, understood my vision, and the best choice for my situation. Dr. Shaw-McMinn was wonderful and explained each test in detail so that I knew exactly what she was doing the whole time. The staff on site helped me find awesome frames at a very reasonable price and explained my insurance in detail. Every employee here is friendly and beyond helpful. The choice of frames is fantastic, and the overall appearance of the business is very clean.I could not be more pleased with all the solutions that were provided. I love this place!" - Cassandra T. (12/2010)

I love the Eye Doctor. Dr. Vanessa was hard but soft. It was the best time of the month. I hope you like it too. - Sydney Traylor (Age 8)

I had fun with Dr. Vanessa, she was really nice. - Katie Traylor (Age 12)

We hope you come by the office and get the same wonderful experience these patients did. If you are interested in adding your testimonial to our site, you can contact us.

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Written for Our Blog on March 22, 2012


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