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We pride ourselves on having the latest technology in optometry and going above and beyond the standards of care to provide our patients with the best eye health possible.

We utilize digital lens technology via a device you won't see anywhere else in Sun City, the Essilor Visioffice that scans the way you use your glasses to give you a custom progressive lens and the largest field of clear vision.

We also make custom soft contacts using a special abberometry machine, the Tracey iTrace. These lenses can provide your eyes with vision that exceeds the ability of normal contacts or glasses. You can read more about the iTrace in Dr. Vanessa's blog post about it.

We have all the latest glaucoma and retinal disease technology, including Pachymetry, OCT, retinal photography, humphrey visual field, visual evoked potential, and B-Scan.

We utilize Retinal Photography with OCT technology in our office to help in the early detection of glaucoma and posterior segment disease.

We utilize Corneal Topography technology to detect and monitor kerataconus and other corneal disease and deformity.

We utilize the Humphrey Visual Field test, the most widely used visual field test in clinical studies for monitoring the progression of glaucoma. There are many visual fields machines used for the treatment of glaucoma, but by using the same high standard that clinical studies utilize, Sun City Vision Center gets the most useful empirical data to protect your eyes health.

We have a Visual Evoked Potential Device that allows us to provide the best care possible for children with Autism, Down's Syndrome. This device also enhances in the monitoring of Glaucoma, allowing us to bring the best care possible to our glaucoma patients. Read more about the VEP by clicking here.

We use B-Scan & Lin Ultrasound Technology that can be used in detection of retina disease such as retinal detachment, even when the patient has other conditions such as cataracts.

We have numerous contact lens trial kits on hand, including all the popular soft contact lenses as well as Synergeyes Hybrid Lens technology- The UltraHeath and Duette hybrid lenses for people who have unusual corneas or dry eye and wish to have the convenience of soft lenses but the health and vision benefits of hard lenses. We also fit Ortho K and CRT lenses for overnight wear- the only lenses proven to slow the progression of near-sightedness.

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Written for Our Blog on May 9, 2014


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