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Scams that Target Glasses Wearers

There are several website scams that target glasses wearers. Usually these scams will promise great improvements to your vision or quality of life with little to no effort, medication, or expense. For the purposes of this article, we will be analyzing one of many of these scam products: Quantum Vision.

Quantum Vision

Promising to give you better vision through eye exercises, the scam Quantum Vision asks you for $39.99 to purchase an e-book. The premise of the product plays on patient's wish to stop wearing glasses and fear of LASIK surgery.

In an attempt to create plausibility for the product, it utilizes eye exercises that are meant for children with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. The exercises are real, but meant for treating relatively rare conditions totally unrelated to near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, the four conditions that are responsible for needing glasses. By utilizing something real but poorly understood by the general public, Quantum Vision hides its true nature.

  • Fake product review websites to obscure real reviews. When you search the web for the scam product, review sites that are paid by the scammers will create an appearance of quality.
  • Sold via 'clickbank': an unpopular e-book site with low-quality e-books and no refunds.
  • Created by 'Dr. William Kemp', who not only is not a real doctor but is a completely fictional person.
  • Faux-medical terminology used liberally such as 'shocking', 'miracle', and 'revolutionary'. Claims that 'the eyecare industry doesn't want you to know!'
  • E-book content is literally copy and pasted from The Bates Method, released decades ago and well known in the optometric community.
  • The best proven way to decrease progression of near-sightedness is via Ortho-K contacts.

Harmful To You & To Children

Aside from scamming money from innocent people interested in alternatives to glasses, products like Quantum Vision negatively impact peoples understanding of vision. In particular, these products create a misunderstanding of vision therapy, giving it a bad name. Vision therapy is a real solution to often undiagnosed learning disabilities that face many of our nation's children.

Vision Therapy and The Bates Method

Eye exercises are proven to help with visual efficiency and visual learning disabilities. These disorders are diagnosed by optometrists and typically appear in children. Studies show that even if you are diagnosed with these learning disorders, you need careful, personal guidance from a trained vision therapist to see improvements in your symptoms. If you know a child or young adult suffering from double vision, headaches, poor performance in school, or difficulties reading then you should encourage them to visit a vision therapy optometrist and ask if vision therapy is right for them.

Scams F.A.Q.
How can I stop wearing glasses?
Contact lenses, Lasik, and Ortho-K lenses can get you out of your glasses. The best proven way to slow the progression of near-sightedness is Ortho-K lenses.
Is Lasik a Scam?
Lasik can improve your vision without glasses, and is a very safe surgery.
Is Vision Therapy a Scam?
No. Vision Therapy is proven to improve symptoms of headache, double vision, and poor school performance in children. Vision Therapy should be performed after diagnosis from a vision therapy optometrist or on athletes by a sports vision therapist.
Is Treatments for Adult Amblyopia a Scam?
Specific eye exercises that have been shown to improve vision in adults with amblyopia, such as NeuroVision. Improvements to vision only occur in patients with Ambyopia and are marginal.

All in all, just remember that some things are too good to be true!

Lysle Shaw-McMinn, O.D.

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Written for Our Blog on March 10, 2015


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