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Introducing: Lysle Shaw-McMinn, O.D.

Dr. Lysle (pronounced Ly-al) comes to us from The Center for the Partially Sighted, the largest non-profit eye clinic that services the Los Angeles senior community. At the center, Lysle helped seniors be self-sufficient and continue to do the everyday things they loved. Dr. Lysle believes that everyone can enjoy their favorite activities such as walking, reading, and seeing their loved ones, even if they are visually impaired. Dr. Lysle works to bring quality of life to his patients with even the most severe eye disease.

Born to be a doctor, he is named after his grandfather, Lysle Orting Shaw, MD, a prominent urologist and member of the International College of Surgeons. His father, Dr. Peter Shaw-McMinn founded Sun City Vision Clinic and his older sister, Dr. Vanessa Shaw-McMinn Kashak is chief optometrist at their Woodcrest clinic. Dr. Lysle has been coming to Sun City Vision throughout his childhood, often helping with the computer network as he is trained in computer technology. It was inevitable that he become an eye doctor.

Dr. Lysle has been fortunate to treat a wide variety of patient populations at Downey Eye Clinic in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, as well as the Army Forces at Camp Zama in Tokyo, Japan. By providing excellent eye care and professional recommendations, Dr. Lysle is always able to make the lives of his patients better in some way.

Having learned from his father and sister, Dr. Lysle saw patients at The Eye Clinic in Fullerton, where he used his skills to help young children with visual dysfunctions, prescribe contact lenses, care for low vision patients, conduct pediatric exams and treat ocular diseases such as glaucoma. During this time Dr. Lysle also interned at the Buena Park Optometric Clinic and participated in weekly vision screenings at elementary schools in Orange County and Los Angeles. One of his most unique experiences at The Eye Clinic was working side by side with specialists to aid in procedures such as retinal laser treatment for diabetes and intraocular injections for macular degeneration.

Born to a medical family and raised in Riverside, California, Dr. Lysle has been visiting Sun City his entire life. He spent 4 years at the University of California, Riverside earning his BS in biochemistry along with a minor in bioethical philosophy. He received his doctorate from the Southern California College of Optometry, where his father continues to teach. Aside from loving his career as an Optometrist, Dr. Lysle enjoys traveling, playing golf, snowboarding, and engaging in local animal advocacy.

When asked why he became an optometrist, he replied, "I always looked up to my dad and saw how happy he was helping his patients. I received visual therapy when I was young and it helped me excel in school. I want to bring those same visual skills to children and improve their lives making schoolwork and quality of life better. As a teenager I helped the therapists in my office work with patients and saw great success! Having my grandfather's unusual name always made me want to continue his legacy of helping others. I want to go into healthcare and make a difference in people's lives, and optometry is perfect for that. I like the idea of owning my own business and having control over the care I give my patients so I can provide high quality care without any detrimental administrative oversight. I truly believe I was born to help people see."

Dr. Lysle has long planned to be a clinical family optometrist. He looks forward to the annual visits with his patients whom he educates, protects, and cares for. "I hope to form strong, trusting relationships with each and every patient and to give them 'vision for the rest of their lives'".

The staff at Sun City Vision Clinic believes they are fortunate to have a Doctor who feels this way. We hope you have the opportunity to benefit from his expertise too!

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Written for Our Blog on Aug 29, 2014


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