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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome covers a wide variety of ocular symptoms and etiologies that cause discomfort due to environmental conditions. It is closely tied and can be worsened by headaches and dry eye syndrome.


Fluorescent lighting / Photophobia – Fluorescent gives off more harmful blue light than traditional lighting and have a frequency of flickering that can trigger headaches and eye pain.
LCD Screens – Includes television, computers, tablets, and cell phones. These screens give off more blue light than traditional lighting and patients blink less while using them.
Presbyopia / Accommodative Fatigue – Your eyes muscles must strain to see close. Long periods of strain is harmful.
Lagopthalmos / Failure to Blink – Blinking lubricates the eyes and prevents dryness.
Astigmatism / Convergence Insufficiency – Other Ocular Causes of Headache
Chronic Dry Eye (Keratitis Sicca) – Dryness of the eyes can be caused by C.V.S., and visa versa.
Workplace Ergonomics – Having a screen at the wrong distance or too high will make your eyes fatigued and dry.
Non-Specific Orbital Inflammation – Mild cases of NSOI will cause pressure and eye aches and can be triggered by stress.
Visine – Vasoconstricting drugs hide red eye temporarily, but cause a long term rebound effect. Stop using it.

Treatment Plan

Upon your visit to your O.D., one or more of the treatment plans will be initiated to improve your symptoms:

Blue Blocking FilterBecause we use the world's best lens supplier, Essilor, all our glasses have blue blocking technology. Additional protection from harmful blue light with our Sapphire and Prevencia anti-blue lens coatings.
Computer GlassesA dedicated pair of single vision computer glasses or the best glasses for computer users with C.V.S. are the Essilor Computer Lenses, which provide you with both computer & reading power to prevent fatigue.
Anti-Fatigue LensesEssilor iZen lenses or Progressive Lenses are both anti fatigue lenses help keep your eyes relaxed even when you are looking at your computer or reading for long periods and prevent C.V.S.
"20/20" BreaksTake 20 second breaks every 20 minutes. If you take breaks from the very start of your work session, you will prevent symptoms before they begin. It is surprising how few breaks it takes to prevent C.V.S.
Yellow Tinted Indoor LensesSometimes called an "H.D." tint. Blocks blue light and relaxes the eyes, also cuts down on glare. Works indoor and outdoor, including driving. Especially good for those over 50 or people with cataracts.
Extra Active TransitionsFor those sensitive to light, extra active transitions have a light grey base tint and become even darker when outdoors. Combine it with other tints, such as the yellow "H.D." tint, for even more effectivity.
MedicationEye drops and anti-inflammatory medications can prevent red, irritated, itchy eyes and pressure/ache. Your prescription is for Ibuprofin, Lotemax, FML, Pataday, will be given to you by your doctor during your examination if needed.
Other Dry Eye TreatmentsDry eye can cause burning, sandy, red, irritated, watery eyes and is closely linked to C.V.S. Dry Eye treatments include Artificial Tears or Drinking more water. To read more, check out our Dry Eye blog.
Occupational TherapyWorkplace Assessment by a certified occupational therapist can help you find the correct workplace ergonomics and get you adjusted to daily life with your condition(s). See below for basic ergonomics.

Computer Vision Syndrome is a very manageable but real problem for millions of Americans. With today's necessity for computers, laptops, tablets, and phones, almost everyone has experienced some symptoms of computer vision syndrome. If you feel you need treatment or if you are due for your annual eye examination, please contact us at (951) 672-4971.

Thank you.

Lysle Shaw-McMinn, O.D.

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Written for Our Blog on March 1, 2017


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