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What is Developmental Optometry?

A Developmental Optometrist is a Pediatric Optometrist who sees children with learning disabilities or at risk for learning disabilities related to vision.

Symptoms of Vision-Related Learning Disability
1. Headaches while doing near work
2. Double Vision
3. Loss of Place While Reading
4. Struggling with Reading and Writing
5. Flipping of individual letters
6. Poor School Performance, especially in Language Arts and History

Developmental Optometrist can prescribe specialty glasses to children to help correct and visual deficits they have, including Convergence Insufficiency and Accommodative Dysfunction. For moderate cases, a Developmental Optometrist will perform a full Vision Therapy Evaluation and may recommend Evidence Based Vision Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency. For severe cases, a Developmental Optometrist can co-manage a patient with a Ophthalmologist specializing in Strabismus Surgery to ensure post-operative results are retained and decrease likelihood of needing a second operation.

Does Vision Therapy Work?

Vision Therapy is a broad term that can include both evidence based and well studied therapy for definitive issues like Convergence Insufficiency, as well as experimental therapeutic treatments. It is right to be concerned and aware of the therapy your child might be receiving. At Sun City Vision Clinic, we practice Evidence Based therapy for Convergence Insufficiency and related visual efficiency disorders. You can find a Summary of Studies showing the effectiveness of this type of therapy on our website.

Learn More About Developmental Optometry

Click Here to read more about Vision Therapy.

Click Here for a Summary of Studies showing the effectiveness of Vision Therapy.

How to Find a Developmental Optometrist

At Sun City Vision Clinic, we practice Developmental Optometry as well as manage other Ocular Conditions and Diseases. We are happy to help your child reach their true potential. You can call us at (951) 672-4971.

If you are unable to visit our clinic, consider calling Private Practices in your area and ask:

1. Do you practice Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency?

Only 5% of optometry clinics serve children with vision-related learning disabilities, so it may take some calling.

Good luck!

Lysle Shaw-McMinn, O.D.

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Written for Our Blog on April 18, 2019


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