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Introducing: John Hersh, O.D.

Sun City Vision Clinic Optometry is very pleased to introduce Dr. John Hersh to you. Dr. Hersh comes to us from Long Beach Memorial Hospital where he continues one day a week specializing in vision rehabilitation for the partially sighted. He also teaches at the Southern California College of Optometry one day a week. Prior to these positions, he was in private practice in Long Beach. Dr. Hersh has extensive experience in rehabilitation of vision loss caused by diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other conditions. We are fortunate to have a Doctor with over 25 years experience in this complex area of vision care.

When asked why he chose Optometry as a career, John remarked, "I am interested in Optometry because it is a people oriented, caring profession. I chose eye and vision perception because vision is a miraculous sense. Vision is one of our greatest gifts. The way we learn and interpret our environment is through sight. And those not able to enjoy this intellectual stimulation provide a very important challenge for me. Every patient is individual and has individual needs. Low vision has special needs and challenges. I feel privileged to help people enjoy seeing things the way they really are...or as close as possible. Vision is truly a joy."

The staff at Sun City Vision Clinic Optometry believe they are fortunate to have a Doctor who feels this way. We hope you take the opportunity to benefit from his expertise too!

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Written for Our Blog on May 14, 2014


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