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Visual Therapy Financial Policy

Since we will be seeing you for a significant amount of time we thought you would like a written copy of the costs involved in your therapy program. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them with us. We are here to help. We dedicate our lives to helping people through visual therapy.


The costs involved in your visual therapy program cover the therapists professional services, the Doctors professional services, home—loaned equipment, home-loaned therapy lenses, instructional materials and accounting.

Medical Insurance

If you have medical insurance not under an HMO, visual therapy is likely covered. To be excluded as a benefit, visual therapy must be stated plainly in the list of exclusions printed in your benefit booklet. Rarely, we come across a policy which excludes vision therapy. If you have a problems with a denial, send us a copy of the denial letter and we will correct it. Read more about medical insurance and vision therapy on our website at

Types of Programs

Please read the enclosed information entitled "What is Vision Therapy?" Reading this will help you realize that vision therapy involves a series of exercises in a specific sequence to 'reprogram' the brain. The more often we see you, the faster we can proceed through the sequence. The more often we see you, the less responsibility you will have to do the therapy by yourself, so again, we can proceed faster.

Please use the space below to discuss costs with our office:

_______VT Evaluation Cost
_______Cost Per VT Visit
_______Estimated # of Visits
_______Amount Covered by Medical Insurance (80%)
_______Total Costs, minus Insurance Coverage

Fees includes all Doctor's time, therapist's time, and loaned materials. If an instrument is returned broken, an additional fee may be assessed. We prefer that you pay for 4 therapy visits at a time. You must always have your upcoming therapy visit paid for, in case of stolen loaned materials.

The time of treatment depends on the diagnosis of the condition being treated and the number of visits per week. If you come in twice a week, we will finish in approximately half the time. Coming for therapy once a week requires that you complete some therapy on your own at home. This puts more responsibility on you.

Occasionally we do not see adequate improvement. If this occurs the therapist will request you come in more often for treatments. Please recognize that failure to do home assignments will lead to additional visits and additional costs.

We hope this information helps clear up confusing facts about the financing of vision therapy. The cost of treatments is significant. For about the same cost as braces, you can insure your child will have a full happy life. The increase in his or her abilities will easily help you recover the cost of the program. Remember, "Next to life itself, God's most precious gift is sight." It is to the improvement of sight that we dedicate ourselves.


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